I. Prime Time
Prime Time is a club of skiers who enjoy skiing with other members. A regular schedule of skiing includes a plan to
meet regularly at Sunday River. Additionally, active outdoor events and other social activities take place throughout
the  year as a result of member interest and leadership.

II.  Membership
Membership in Prime Time stipulates that:
A. At least one member/partner must be over the age of 50; the younger partner is considered a full member with the
same privileges. Each member has one vote. Guests (of any age) of members are welcome, but the member must inform
his/her guests of the provisions of Section II D.
B. The payment of nominal annual membership dues – the amount of which may be adjusted from time to time, but is
designed to be inexpensive – is due for the forthcoming season by September 15th or the Fall Annual Meeting, whichever comes later, after which a late fee will be assessed.
C. Members in good standing, aged 80 or more as of the Prime Time Ski Club annual meeting, are eligible for free membership.    This free membership request must be made to the membership chair.
D. Members take part in club activities with the understanding each member and guest accepts full personal responsibility for his/her actions and that Prime Time will not be held liable for any misfortunes. To that end, the applicant must sign a Waiver and Release-of-Liability in the form approved by the Executive Board.

III. Officers
Officers of the club include a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer. These officers comprise the Executive Governing Board.
A. The President presides over all meetings of the club and executive committee, appoints chairpersons of various club
activities, coordinates all club activities, and arranges to communicate information about them to all members.
B. The Vice President assumes the duties of the President when she/he is unable to perform them, and assists the President
in carrying out her/his duties.
C. The Treasurer collects membership dues, accounts to the membership for club funds, and maintains the necessary banking relations. A joint “Prime Time” bank account is to be established so that the signature of either the Treasurer or the President allows access to money in the account. Single line item expenditures may not exceed $100 (one hundred dollars) without the approval of the majority of the Executive Board. Additional monies, which are not part of the club treasury, may be collected to support club activities. These monies are not the responsibility of the Treasurer.
D. The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for accurate recording and communication of all meeting proceedings.
E. The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for processing membership of new and renewing members and maintaining accurate member records.
F. The Executive Board shall be the governing body of the club. It shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the club and approval of operating expenditures exceeding $100(one hundred dollars). It shall fill officer vacancies.
G. All officers shall serve a 1-year term, but there are no limits to successive terms.

IV. Meetings:
A. An annual membership meeting shall be held. A quorum shall be considered to constitute 15% or more of the paid membership.
Members shall be notified at least 3 (three) weeks in advance. At the annual meeting:
1. Elections for officers shall take place.
2. The Treasurer shall report on the financial status of the club.
3. The Secretary and/or President shall review the events and meetings of the past year.
4. An open discussion of club activities and expenditures past and future shall be included.
5. Decisions about spending funds from the club treasury shall be determined by majority vote of those present.
Those members in good standing unable to attend the annual meeting may communicate any wishes, plans for the
future as well as nominations for office. These shall be considered advisory, read at the meeting, but not considered a vote.
B. A special meeting may be called during the year.
1.A special meeting may be held only after notice of the meeting is sent to each member.
2. Notice of special meeting must include date, time, place and agenda and sent to members at least 3(three) weeks before the meeting.
3. Special meetings are limited to the items listed on the agenda. Additional items cannot be added to the agenda.
4. When an emergency meeting is necessary, less than 24 hours notice is permitted, if reasonable effort is made to deliver the required notice.

V. Miscellaneous Provisions.
A. Amendments to the bylaws shall require a 2/3 vote of those members in good standing attending an annual or special meeting.
B. Dissolution Clause
1.The club shall be disbanded if a special meeting is held and the motion to disband passes with a 2/3 vote of those members in good standing attending the meeting.
2. The club shall be disbanded if, after notification, a vote is taken of the entire membership and results in 2/3 of the responding members voting in favor of disbanding.
3. Upon dissolution, any assets remaining shall be donated to a worthy cause, such as Maine Handicap Skiing, to be
determined by a majority vote of members in good standing.

*3-26-15 Revision