Bethel Citizen 2/23/17

Prime Time Ski Club Column for Bethel Citizen 2/23/17 

By Terri Messer

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Nearly two more feet of snow fell this past week at Sunday River ski area, bringing the new snow total to nearly six feet for the month of February. Although the skiing has been great with all trails, glades and parks open, not all Prime Time Ski Club members are happy skiing in deep, ungroomed powder or the conditions that result after the powder gets broken up into mounds of heavy snow. That’s why a number of our club members who want to enjoy the ever changing ski conditions decided to take ski lessons this season, returning to our club’s beginning as a Perfect Turn lesson group. Last week I shared a few comments from some of the lesson participants and this week I’d like to share a few more.

“I have been skiing on and off for years and these are my first lessons,” said one of our club members. “I see now that it is really important to know the correct technique before you develop bad habits like I did. Lessons are making me a better overall skier.” She added that she now feels strongly that when her grandchildren begin to ski, they will have lessons from the very beginning so they learn the correct way to ski. Another participant added, “Lessons can be discouraging at first because you spend hours trying to correct a weakness that the instructor has pointed out. However, when the instructor’s imagery and phrasing finally kicks in during the middle of a practice run, it is the most wonderful feeling.” One of our members wanted to share two tips from lessons that made a difference in her skiing — the mini boot clinic when she was taught how to correctly buckle her boots and utilize the power strap and learning how to engage the muscle on the shin to keep her more centered with pressure on the front of the boot and ski which she has found especially important on steep terrain.

Sunday River offers several lesson options from private lessons to group clinics to weekend seasonal programs. Check out the Sunday River web site for more information and rates. Last year I arranged a private lesson to learn how to ski on hard packed snow and ice. (If you remember, those were the conditions for most of last season, thanks to Mother Nature). Learning the proper technique to ski on ice not only took away my fear but helped me enjoy the challenge of skiing icy conditions in control. I think back to a Perfect Turn slogan from a number of years ago that was printed on a banner at the top of one of the lifts: “The better you get, the better it gets.” This is exactly what our members who are taking lessons are finding out.

If you want to enjoy skiing more without having to wait for perfect conditions before hitting the slopes, try taking a few lessons. As you can see from our members’ comments, it’s never too late to learn. And if you are looking for someone to ski with, you should come to North Peak Lodge at 10 a.m. weekdays (lower level, to the left of staircase headed downstairs). After a brief time for announcements, members usually break into small groups, based on skiing ability as well as speed and terrain preference. No matter what your level of skiing or comfort zone, you will find a Prime Time Ski Club member to ski with. Check out our website at or just show up at Peak Lodge. We’d love to meet you and ski with you!

As an aside, this week marks the first time since I broke my arm a little more than a month ago that I am able to type again with both hands — no more one-handed hunt and peck. Although I’m resigned to the fact that there is little chance of my skiing this season, I am encouraged my the fact that my range of motion and ability to use my arm increases daily. Thanks for everyone’s good wishes.


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