Important Note to Members Regarding Newsletters

We email the newsletter using an email list manager connected to this website.  A couple of issues have arisen.

First, it appears that some members have not been receiving the newsletters and they only discover it because another member mentions a club newsletter that they had not received.

This occurs for one of the following reasons:  an email address has a misspelling, a member changes their email address and has not passed it along, or the newsletter is going directly to trash, spam, or junk mail.

So far this season we have sent out three newsletters:  November 11, December 3/4, and December 21st.  If you did not receive them, please check your spam, trash, and junk mail folders.  Some members did not initially find them there because those files had already been emptied or they did not look in the folder that is controlled by their spam filter.  This will differ depending on the system you are using.  (Some members needed help from their younger generation to find them.)

If they are there, then you will need to whitelist the  (Some members needed help from their younger generation to do this.)

If they aren’t there then contact Norine and Jack –  – so we can resolve possible problems with the email address.

Second, if you want to change the email address to which the newsletter is sent, you can do it yourself (with help from the younger generation if needed).  At the bottom of every newsletter you will see  “Manage Your Subscription” – click on it.  If this is the first time you have used this you will need to register, which is a very simple process.  Otherwise just enter your password and you’ll see the tab for updating your profile email address.

If you need to register just click on the “register” tab and there will be a space for you to enter the email currently being used by the system, a space to create a password, and a space to answer a “captcha”.  A message will tell you that you now have a profile (and you will receive an email message to that effect, as well).  You can go back to the main menu and click on “update your profile email address” where you can enter a new email address that will replace the existing one.

And please remember:  this website is your most updated source of information.  The newsletters only go out about twice a month.


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