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Board Update, February 18, 2013

Well, it’s President’s Week, but it’s a bit breezy up here. I’m no weatherman, but It was so windy that the mayor of Munchkinland stopped by for a drink and we watched Todo go 40mph down Sundance…. without skis!!! Today

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Breaking SNOW News, February 9, 2013

SNOW!!!!! SNOW………SNOW………SNOW………….SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not only where you are, it’s here too. That hasn’t happened in the past three or so years. SR reports 16″, which is like 36″ to a snow starved mountain. Light, powdery stuff all over the place.

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Bethel Citizen 02.07.13

PRIME TIME SKI CLUB NEWS The Prime Time Ski Club enjoyed a fun week last week in spite of the challenging weather and ski conditions.   Sunday River threw a five day party for the Over Fifty crowd, and Prime Timers

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