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Bethel Citizen 1.26.12

PRIMETIME SKI CLUB NEWS The snow is covering the mountain well after a couple of half-foot storms.  Seems like not enough yet, but you know the saying about beggars not being choosers, so we’ll take what we can get.  Skiing

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Bethel Citizen 1.19.12

Primetime Ski Club News All the snow dances are having an effect.  Primetime’s first social event of 2012 last Thursday was met with 6-8 inches of the desired white fluffy powder graciously held firm with a little wet stuff on

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Bethel Citizen 1.12.12

PRIMETIME’S MOVING FAST The beginning of 2012 was the first ski week for many Primetime Ski Club members.  Some came up soon after the holiday, others strolled in later in the week, but by week’s end we saw 25 or

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